The company PointClickCare is at the forefront of this change in the healthcare industry. A considerable amount of information is obtained by care teams throughout the whole of the patient journey as a result of the most extensive network and the complete collection of post-acute data.

More than 15,000 workplaces in the United States of America are now using the cloud-based healthcare software that is offered by PointClickCare CNA. 1995 marked the beginning of operations for the firm.

 On an annual basis, PointClickCare is presently bringing in a total of $226.8 million because to the wide clientele it serves. In addition to its headquarters in Mississauga, which is located in Canada, the firm also has operations in two additional countries.

Because of the web-based technological solution that the firm offers, patients, doctors, and the organizations that are most important to them are able to connect with one another in an efficient manner.

As the healthcare industry continues to undergo transformations, PointClickCare is dedicated to providing assistance to healthcare companies in order to facilitate their future success.

PointClickCare offers its clients a user interface that is easy to understand, in addition to providing them with a support staff that is committed to their needs and a suite of programs that are simple to use.

A team of six people at Wessingers worked together over a period of six months to create PointClickCare, an online platform that enables caretakers to monitor the schedules of patients, as well as their intake of food and medicine, as well as their medical information.

At PointClickCare, the biggest cloud-based healthcare platform in North America, which employs over 1,500 people and provides services to over 26,000 care providers, the corporate culture is considered to be among the most prestigious in all of Canada. 

With PointClickCare, care teams are able to get complete and up-to-the-minute insights on the healthcare experiences of patients at every stage. This is made possible by the integration of the biggest and most rigorous post-acute patient data collection with the most extensive and continuous network.