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Through the PointClickCare Certified Nursing Assistant Login Portal, you have the ability to do a variety of duties related to patient care. These actions include viewing reports and account data, connecting with clients via email, and scheduling appointments for the future.

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You may choose from a variety of PointClickCare Certified Nursing Assistant applications that are available to you. Mobile MDS, ChartPic, Care at Home, Physical Education, and Point of Care are just few of the programs that fall under this category. Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store provide options for downloading applications (apps).

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PointClickCare Care at Home App

Home care practitioners are able to easily organize and record home care services with the help of this smartphone program called PointClickCare Care at Home.

The mobile application provides a mobile interface that is simple to use and interfaces without any complications with the cloud infrastructure that PointClickCare uses.

Caretakers are able to synchronize their mobile devices with Care at Home in order to remain up to speed on appointments and chores around the home.

The patients have the benefit of being able to capture, amend, and share their treatment records without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. By using the GPS system to monitor when personnel arrive, businesses have the ability to safeguard their customers and avoid fraudulent activity.

Pointclickcare Login

PointClickCare Point Of Care App

PointClickCare is an excellent tool for frontline physicians at the bedside since it is a Point of Care (POC) software that is simple to use and interfaces with the electronic health record (EHR). This allows for the documentation of patient care to be completed in a timely and correct manner.

Your calendar, papers, alerts, tasks, and messages are everything that any member of your care team has the ability to see. The electronic health record (EHR) platform from PointClickCare is intended to be used in combination with the application.

  • Please get in touch with PointClickCare if you are interested in this solution but are not presently a client of its services. The software is available for download from the software Store. What are some of the advantages of using this app?
  • The clinical personnel on the front lines have easy access to information about residents around the clock and comprehensive documentation at their disposal, which enables them to make choices about treatment with greater ease.
  • With the use of schedules and work lists, it is possible to guarantee that no duty will be neglected and that no worker will be overworked.
  • Receiving notifications and messages from a residence in close proximity makes it simpler to respond in a timely manner.
  • The most recent data is available to you, which can assist you in making more informed choices.